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Ignition Interlock Installation Cost

As the most affordable interlock device on the market, Low Cost Interlock has created a pricing structure that caters to our client’s needs and ensures that they can complete their interlock program efficiently without breaking the bank and back on the road driving in no time.

Our ignition interlock device cost differs per state as each state has its own requirements for their interlock programs. In order to give you pricing details, we will need your state issued driver’s license number, vehicle registration information including VIN and license plate number, and your court and/or DMV papers with case number, court address, judge, attorney, and county name. Once we have all of this information we can provide pricing for your car breathalyzer and get you started with Low Cost Interlock! To learn more about your location specific pricing give us a call today and speak with one of our bilingual 24/7 Low Cost Interlock customer service representatives.


Contact Lowcost today to get one installed.


We only install, remove and calibrate under court order through Lowcost.

we can only service the unit if lowcost authorizes it first, except calibration, as long as your not overdue or locked out to calibrate you simply bring in the hand set and vehicle to us so we can verify that vehicle doesn"t start and no tampering with device has occurred, then we calibrate it, takes about 15mins usually.

if you need any other service or are having problems with the device you must contact you must contact lowcost to arrange it, we cannot help you until Lowcost authorizes us to do so, we also cannot call lowcost for you, you must call them yourself, this is true with all court ordered devices.

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