All installations are personally done by the owner of Kartunes, Tim Haines.  He is passionate about serving clients with the highest level of service a retailer can offer. Few installation technicians have the broad range of skill sets and unwavering commitment to quality that Tim delivers at Kartunes. He has been involved in  professional mobile electronics installation for over 30+ years and is one of the few Master MECP installers in the world, he has been a certified MECP technician longer than anyone else in the world literally. having completed over 70,000+ installations over the years. 


oem system repair

Factory system not working correctly? we can repair most original equipment manufactured systems and many aftermarket systems too. Radios, amps,DVD, Navigation systems.

Court ordered interlock


We can help if  you have been ordered a the court to install and maintain an interlock device in your vehicle. We Install and maintain interlocks by Lowcost interlock. Simply click the button below and they will arrange for the install and provide the equipment we install. They will even book the time to be installed and maitenace is easy just stop in when it needs calibration and we will maintain it.