Radar and Laser detection

Drive safe


So you want to enter Bullrun and need the best there is or maybe you just want to know if there is traffic speed enforcement  ahead. Technology is available to do these things. We offer several systems. The top of the line systems are made by K40 and Escort. Each has it's own merits and is a personal decision as to how simple or comprehensive you feel your need is.

For basic radar detection both are excellent and rated highly and include laser detection.

Many times the detector you choose may depend on the car also . Some cars have features on the vehicle that may require the ability to defeat certain bands of radar detection for the car to work correctly and the radar not false this requires an installed detector, be aware additional time and labor may be involved if the car has EMI that affects the radar in order to shield the interference this is not included in the installed price as it rarely occurs, some cars that can have false alerts  due to the car in particular are Infiniti, Ferrari, Mercedes, and some Audi's they can be suppressed using shielding and chokes on EMI absorbing cables other require special units to prevent radar cruise interference, some Infiniti's have laser cruise and this can be reduced by use of certain detectors, some cars require use of a special filters in the detector that can filter  bands to prevent lane change sensing and proximity radar from triggering false alerts, both Escort and K40 have units that can do this.

vehicles with auto start stop modes will requires a additional regulated power supply to allow proper operation.

Detectors come in many forms from mirror mount to built in.

Being we are in CA several laws are also important to follow.

Yes you may use a radar detector in California, there are some places that you cannot, federal property, military bases and areas that they are not permitted or banned, a built in detector can be turned off completely.

To mount a detector that is a standalone unit you will need a mirror mount as CA law doesn't allow them on the windshield and placing them on the dash or inside roof makes them incapable of correctly receiving signals as designed so we recommend using a blendmount, this allows correct placement below rear view mirror and allow easy viewing along with avoiding a ticket for having it on the glass.

Many systems have the option of a laser diffuser or laser shifter these are also not allowed by law in CA. The systems we sell are for detection of laser only, they are sold and installed so you are legal in CA.  these features can be activated when you are traveling in other states that allow their use.

Detection of the laser used to read your speed is very important and having externally mounted detectors is very important as this is a major way traffic enforcement reads your speed. Catching this beam early is your best defense against a speeding ticket.

X band is not used as enforcement radar in CA on SoCal freeway and k is usually only cities, Ka is the primary band that is used in central and southern Ca freeways, turning off X prevents many door sensors and speed signs from being alerts.

​Along with having a detector installed we highly recommend the use of a smartphone app such as Escort live, these are paid subscription services, Escort allows integration with it's installed and portable detectors.